Fedora 36 live USB booting problem

Can someone help !!! I’ve got fedora 36 on my USB, when trying to install media, after GRUB next is a black screen and a ‘_’ on the top left. Trying to install it on DELL AIO i7 with intel IRIS Xe graphics. Made the live EUFI USB with Rufus and Fedora media writer, both didn’t work.

tried Troubleshooting (in Basic Graphics mode) as well. Didn’t help, getting the same screen with ‘_’ on the top left.

Hello, how long are you waiting before you give up on the installation? Sometimes, I had to wait for some time before the system started running. Maybe, your computer needs some time.

You could check the set up to see if a setting could prevent the computer from starting from the USB. You could also try Fedora 35 if that would work and upgrade to 36 when it is installed. Or try 37 and see how that goes for you. F37 is almost stable by now, so no need to upgrade any time soon.