Boot issue with dell precision 5570

hi everyone. trying to install fedora 35 on this machine (dell precision 5570 laptop). i have a live usb that i have used to successfully install fedora 36 on a separate machine. when i select it from the boot menu on the dell precision 5570 in question, though, it just boots into windows, even if I remove windows boot manager from the boot order in BIOS. the machine only has USB-C/Thunderbolt ports, so I am using an adapter, which I suspect may be part of the issue. I’m not sure what other information I should provide, apologies in advance for any lack of clarity :slight_smile:

You did not state explicitly but I have to assume that you are booting from the bios boot menu and not just by setting the boot order in bios. Does your usb device show there or not?

If it does not then you will not be able to boot from it.
If it does then you should be able to select the usb device for booting.

Probably your windows was installed in uefi mode, so be sure you select the same mode to boot & install from the fedora USB device.

Possible causes for not being able to boot from the live USB media are

  1. The device was not properly loaded and is not bootable.
    If created from windows then most people have success using etcher or rufus to burn the iso image to the usb device. To test if it is bootable simply try booting from it on a different machine that does not require the adapter.

  2. The usb A to C adapter may be interfering, either because of bios or the device itself.


IIRC, not all ports support boot devices. Have you tried using another port?

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I’ve definitely experienced this on Dell machines before, even requiring that a keyboard be plugged into a specific USB port, as well.

This is documented in the specs of the laptop,and in some cases it’s a setting in the bios… again, IIRC… sorry for being vague :wink: