F40 Not Dimming Or Turning Off Screen Nor Sleeping

Hello, long time no gripe…

I have F40 on several machines; on a 7950X desktop with KDE, Wayland, an AMD 6800 GPU and two 4K screens the system does not dim the screens after a time out, nor turn them off, and won’t put the system to sleep either. I’ve set timeouts to low values - 1, 2, 5 minutes e.g. and let the system idle for an hour, but it’s still on with the screens brightly lit. I’ve also tried changing the power profile to Power Save but no difference in behavior was experienced.

Is this a known issue? (I did search as usual for obvious terms but didn’t find any posts.)

I’m typing this post on a Dell XPS 9520 laptop running F40, KDE, Wayland, i7-12700H iGPU, and everything seems to be operational (although I did experience a very unexpected system lock-up while alt-tabbing through open windows last night).

Thanks for any info.

I had a similar issue where I had a video paused in a minimized window and the system remained active. Once I closed that window it returned to the blank screen and locked again.

What kernel are you booted in to, can you try with an older kernel?

The latest - 6.8.9. The issue was present on at least one older kernel. The same machine, nothing changed except the OS, was behaving as expected on F39 & F38.

I did have several browser windows and tabs open (as always) but wasn’t playing or paused a video as far as I’m aware at the time. I’ll try it again without any browsers active. No other media apps were operational.

You were right. The browser (Firefox) was inhibiting the screen saver - and system sleep - behavior. There were a couple of tabs open on YouTube videos, but nothing was playing, and they should have been essentially in suspended mode - in the background, not started. This doesn’t seem like the correct behavior, and I’m sure it’s different from previous incarnations of the OS. As I mentioned, my laptop is behaving as expected - I have a ton of browser tabs and windows open (both Firefox & Chrome), many on YouTube video pages, yet it dims the screen and sleeps as expected (both systems running the latest bits of Fedora 40).