Screen brightness doesn't alwasy undim correctly after being dimmed down


Recently upgraded my fedora instance from F38 to F40. But have since had problems with my screen brightness…

Whenever the screens dim down from inactivity and I then move the mouse or touch my keyboard to stop it from locking, the screen brightness doesn’t always go back to normal. And I usually have to go to the screen brightness slider and move it to 100%. Usually when this happens the slider is at 80% but sometimes it is at 100%, even if it isn’t, But then I have to move the slider a little and then set it to 100% and it goes back to normal.

I also have multiple monitors, 3 to be exact. But it sometimes seems to be different brightness on the screens and I have to move the slider to get all screens to the same brightness.

I’ve activated night light too but I don’t know if it has anything to do with it?

My GPU is from AMD.

Is there anything else that might be good to know? Is it a bug? Is it something I can do to resolve/help find the problem on this?

Have you heard of this before? Tried to search through the forum but didn’t find anything that seemed related to my problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated!