F40 desktop icons are blank

Upgraded to f40 from f39. In doing so, the text on the desktop and file manager are blank, no text whatsoever. Could not find any answer to fix the problem.

A useful test for problems like this is to create a new user login and see it it gives the same behaviour. If the new login does not exhibit the issue you can focus on customizations applied to your login.

Please provide more details: your desktop environment (Gnome, KDE), whether you are using Xorg or Wayland, and how you did the update (e.g., using Gnome Software, the dnf-plugin-system-upgrade, or something else).

When having issue it is best to apply all available Fedora updates so you aren’t chasing a solved problem and so it is easy for others to duplicate your configuration.

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It may be totally unrelated but on Fedora KDE “spin”, since it moved from QT5 to QT6, you must use an icon theme that is QT6 compatible, otherwise “widget” icons on panels aren’t shown.

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Welcome to Fedora @profmk

As you can see we do speculate which desktop you are using. Please add the Tag while editing your title, to show us which Type of Fedora you are using.

The command hostnamectl will reveal you this information.

I’m using the Workstation Edition, @L.S. Gnome, X11 windowing.

Added workstation

Added f40, upgrades and removed f39

Are you using the default theming?

Gtk3 has been updated to GTK4. Might be that your theme is missing the GTK4 CSS?

Is it just in the Files apps you have this issues?

Hi. I’m using the X11 windowing system. The upgrade was made through the Gnome software app following a CLI update.

All windows have this fault, with a few windows providing limited info, Settings, for example. Both qt and gtk are up to date. Since I can’t read the icons nor text in GUI, I assume the theme is the default.

@profmk did you try a new user to see if it is within your profile the problem?