Erroneous Dash to Dock App Icon | unread notifications

I notice I keep getting badges on dock app icons but for no apparent reason. Example just now:


I had one on Thunderbird too, yet I have no unread emails. Are these icons just buggy/not working? If so, can I turn them off, I would like them if they worked, but rather go without if not.


If you use the extension dash to dock, you can turn of the number of unread notifications, while checking on the sub menu launchers (second last line).

Thanks, that may be some help, but I’d still like to know what story is. I have Dash to Dock installed, are the icons caused by that or does stock Fedora produce the icons? Just curious to know where they come from and if they can ever work effectively? (Like on Mac for example)

It is the notification counter from Gnome Desktop. We are talking about the bullets with numbers, right?

When you search a bit in discussion, you will see that the issue, especially on the software app icon appears quite often.

But any way, as mentioned it is from the notification service. It might give you wrong messages when you install sometimes apps with dnf or flatpak, so it can be that a message is still showing because the software app not checked the new status yet.

It looks like that ppl get irritated about that (including me). That’s why there is a switch to turn it off.

Added gnome

I don’t use Dash to Dock extension and my icons are just fine :smiley_cat: