Resize icons in Dash to Dock Gnome 42?

Hai All,
Maybe this is silly question, I’ve searched but I can’t find the answer. How to resize icons in Dash to Dock Gnome 42 in Fedora Linux 36. Those icons (in SS below) is too big, I can’t find setting dash to dock in Gnome Setting.

Thank You in Advance.

You need a extension for that to resize that find it on the extension app from gnome stotes

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Have you looked at the extension settings to see if there’s anything there? Extension settings are not shown in the main Gnome settings. So you need to install the extension tool, and then get to the extension settings from there:

sudo dnf install gnome-extensions-app

Since Gnome 42 is still in beta it’s probably going to be awhile before many of the extensions are updated.Like Frankjunior and Francisco stated gnome extensions is where to look


Yeh, I missed that this was on F36. Please note that Fedora 36 has not been released yet so it should not be considered a stable release where everything works. Please see if the intended audience matches you:

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I tried to install gnome-extension app, but when I open extension there is no menu to setting dash to dock, See my SS below:

Actually I want like Fedora Linux 35, default size icon in dash to dock is fit my preference. In fedora linux 35 I didn’t install gnome extension. There is any chance to change icons size in dash to dock without installing gnome extension?


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I don’t see the dash to dock extension there at all. Is it lower in the list? On F35, all extensions (both system and user) are shown in the extensions app:

Maybe we’re not discussing the same things. Are you using the dash to dock extension? We mean this one:

If yes, how did you install it?


are you just trying to modify the default application launcher that gnome-shell has in the activities view?
You can search for your need and select your os and install the extension it is easy.

Thanks you all providing answer, this is a magic after two days I didn’t touch my fedora 36, I boot to fedora 36 right now and voila the size icons in dock to dash fits my preference, After installed gnome-extension-app two days ago, because isn’t work then I removed gnome-extension-app, then I shutdown, until right now I turn of my laptop and boot to fedora 36 and when logging in everything looks like it should, I don’t install gnome-extension dash to dock suggest above. My my fedora change to normal icon in dash to dock after I did update.

In SS below icons was to small now in normal size

Thank You.

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OK. “dash to dock” is a commonly used extension, so I thought that is what you were referring to, which is why I suggested installing the extensions tool to modify the extension’s settings.

I don’t think that the thing you’re referring to is called “dash to dock”. It’s just called a “dash” (I checked the terminology in “Gnome help”).

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Just food for thought.
Fedora 36 is still in testing and apps get updated regularly. I don’t know if you regularly do updates on it, but it could be that a regular update fixed the issue you were seeing. Maybe what you asked about was something being worked on when you saw the issue.

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Fedora 36 isn’t quite ready yet. This is normal. I’m running on 36 Silverblue right now with no extensions and I see the same behaviour: huge icons in the Dock. Software GUI is broken too as well as a few other things. Of course I’ve pinned Silverblue 35 and that works like a Swiss watch… but sometimes is nice to see how development is going.

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I too follow the development. I currently have both rawhide and fedora 36 in VMs.

Oalah gitu ya, Oke siap, I’m wrong/missed for refferring the correct word. Oke thank you for correcting