Size of Icons on Fedora 30 Gnome desktop

How do I resize the Icons that appear vertically on the left side of the gnome desktop in Fedora 30? They are larger than what I had in Fedora 29 Gnome.

Thanks for the help.

Better do ask themselves, then.
Your may reach your targets faster by asking them:
Gnome: Getting in touch

Human Interface Guidelines
“Adding options often seems like a simple design fix. However, most people will never see or use configuration options. Instead of adding options, try to make the default behaviour of your application work for as many people as possible.”

The icon set didn’t change with Gnome 3.32 which is what Fedora 30 had, but they did add fractional scaling: GNOME 3.32 Release Notes

That may be worth looking at. Could you also download a Fedora 31 live image to see how that looks?

@vits95: that’s not a very helpful comment. If the Gnome users in the Fedora community that are here on the forum don’t have a solution, then we can ask folks to go to Gnome support, but it shouldn’t be the first suggestion :slight_smile:

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But the Gnome devs rather has a better answers? Because Gnome is like “Gnome??? Gnome... Gnome!!!” emotions. Always.

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The developers of all software will always be expected to have the answers. However, by that logic, we’d always say “please ask upstream” for all queries on the forum—we’re downstream after all and we almost never make any changes to upstream code.

The whole idea of the forum is for Fedora users to be able to help each other. If we cannot, we refer to upstream. I.e., we’re the first point of contact and if we’re unable to help, we refer to the next point of contact which is upstream.

(if one isn’t a Gnome user/fan, they shouldn’t/don’t have to answer Gnome related queries at all)

Hi @edwardc01

The best/easy way to go it is install the extension dash to dock what has support to gnome 3.34

How install it and manage the extension here:


Thanks for the assistance!!

The dash to dock is more than I expected as all I wanted was to make the icons smaller in the standard dock (if I understand the terminology). Didn’t mean to get some would be helpers blood boiling but the icons were much larger after I update to F30 from F29. Although today when I logged in the icons were back to the size I was accustomed to for some unknown reason. This was before I installed dash to dock. However, I’m much happier with dash to dock that I was with what I thought I wanted. This should be a part of the standard desktop along with the Applications extensions and a couple of others I normally use.

Thank again!


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