Getting a vertical dock in f34?

So I’ve upgraded to fedore 34 and gnom 40. This messed up my dock, instead of the standard (NeXT like) vertical dock on the left of my screen, it’s now at the bottom (MacOS like). I’ve been unable to set it back to the proper position. Any clues on how to achieve that ?


Convincing the GNOME devs to support vertical overview/dock is likely not an option.
I guess you have more luck asking the author of that extension:


this dosn’t talk about the dock at all . I don’t use workspaces :slight_smile:

Try using dash to dock extention

Dash to dock GNOME Shell extension latest news is about Gnome 3.3X unfortunately.

The gnome team stated that they will leave it to the extension developers and won’t implement the option to put the dock on the left. Sorry, I can’t find where a read that, but it was an article with a Q&A.

Anyway, that’s no bug, its one of the things that changed in Gnome 40.

This gnome extension does the job for me. Vertical overview - GNOME Shell Extensions