Show application icon

When I click on the show application icon it shows a blank screen and no applications that I want to add to my taskbar. Is there a way to find the applications other than the show applications icon.
This all happen after I did an update and the message showed me that one of the components isn’t working.
Since this happen I have also noticed that my computer does a full freeze/lockup.
I am using Fedora 34.

Try using dnf and do a new full update followed by a distro-sync

sudo dnf update -y && sudo dnf distro-sync -y

that should repair any prior errors.

With any post if you have a related error message we would like to see the exact text of the message if possible.

If your using the extension dash to panel the latest gnome updates seems to have broken it.Hopefully there will be a fix for it soon.I just disabled it.As as far as freezing and locking up i haven’t had that issue.

Thank you.

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You are right. I disabled my dash to panel and now the applications show when I click on the show application icon.