Application icons missing for windows in the taskbar

Fedora workstation version : 35

Using gnome tweak tool, I have enabled MS Windows like task bar in my Fedora laptop.

Recently I have noticed that application icons are missing except for firefox browser.
It maybe after an upgrade which I do almost every 2 to 3 weeks.

As you can see in the screenshot below, only the icon for firefox is visible.
For other applications like VS code text editor, Chrome browser, Celluloid video player, etc appears with ‘Stop sign’ (I think) icon.

Any idea what is the root cause of this issue and how to fix it ?

  1. Those icons on the window list task bar display only the running apps

  2. The gnome-extensions-app manages that task bar now. Have you installed it?
    If you have then at the bottom of the app window you will see the Window List tool and that allows some control of what is displayed. I see the default icon for most of what you have running, but have no idea why it appears that way.

Have you done a full update sudo dnf upgrade followed by a reboot to see if it may be a software version issue?

gnome-tweak-tool has not existed for some time. It was replaced by gnome-tweaks then the extensions there were moved to gnome-extensions-app. If you still have gnome-tweak-tool installed you should replace it since it was in use with gnome 3 and has never been part of gnome 40 and beyond.

Can you tell us what setting in gnome-tweak-tool you used to do this? Do you mean you installed an extension (which is different from just using gnome-tweak-tool) by any chance?

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If you are using the gnome-window-list extension that is part of the gnome-shell extensions package you may want to look at Window list missing app icons in GNOME 41.2 (#372) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-shell-extensions · GitLab