Electron app from the Snap store

I am using Fedora 34, there is an app from the Snap store (Prospect, is an Electron app to emulate Outlook 365 web app), I installed and it is running OK. I have it in Favorites section (left), nonetheless, when I run it, a new app Icon (same as the one in the Favorites section) will open up on the far right (and will have the white dot at the bottom, telling me it is running, the one on the left (Favorite) doesn’t have the white dot), close to the Show Applications section, same as the apps running that are NOT Favorites, now I have 2 app icons, they look the same, on the left (Favorites) and on the right (non-favorites), is there a way to fix this? Thanks

IIRC, with fedora 33 gnome 3.8X did the same thing with the favorites in the vertical column on the left.
With fedora 34 and gnome 40.4 I don’t see the extra icons appearing, instead, the favorite that is running has the white dot as noted. Apps that are not in the favorites list do appear on the right as extra icons and having the white dot.

Have you done a full (from the command line in a terminal) “sudo dnf --refresh upgrade” and a “sudo dnf --refresh distro-sync”? If not then please do both and reboot before trying the same thing. If it still does as described then something else seems off.