Emacs (emacs-ess) borked?

Did today’s updated emacs rpm (emacs-28.1-2.fc36.x86_64) ) make emacs lock up anyone else’s system? I think it might be an issue with emacs-ess (emacs-ess-18.10.2-6.fc36.noarch), had to hard power off both systems I updated…

I had issues with emacs more than 15 years ago and have not had it installed since. Can’t help.

Same here, no recent experience with emacs, but it is just another application. If you suspect it is with the most recent version, you could verify by reverting to the previous, or see if a reinstall works. Just to state the obvious. I’ve not heard any other reported issues, so you might be the lucky recipient of a random installation error.

sudo dnf downgrade emacs
… and it works again.

I see it downgraded from emacs-28.1-2.fc36.x86_64 to emacs-1:27.2-9.fc35.x86_64, which I wasn’t expecting, an FC35 rpm?

but I see on emacs - Fedora Packages that 27.2-9.fc35 is listed as the stable package for Fedora 36

I still think that it is some pathological interaction between the new emacs package and emacs-ess that is the cause, so I’m not surprised that those without ess are fine.

emacs has been central to my workflow since I switched to Linux from MS-DOS & Desqview/X in 1995

My students all use RStudio for R, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to replace emacs-ess with that, but it is really superweird that I’d have to hard power off both laptops I upgraded today after they locked up launching emacs, and that it would keep recurring until I downgraded emacs again…

A software glitch that locks the system seems like it would remain until a change in the software is made. Does not seem weird at all to me, and glad you found a fix.

This certainly should be reported as a bug related to emacs. bugzilla.redhat.com (to possibly avoid others encountering your bug) or upstream to the emacs developers.

Full agreement here, Pete. An application that locks your system is unusual, bad news, and needs to be reported as Jeff suggests so that this can be addressed. Please proceed with that.