System freezes after my recent updates applied to 32

OS: Linux eoms1 5.9.10-100.fc32.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Nov 23
OS: Fedora release 32 (Thirty Two)

A couple of day ago, I did a system update via the notification screen - did a download and
install upon boot and now getting some really werid behavior.

Emacs: sometimes doesnt see files that exist on the drive.
i.e. if I try to do a directory open from within emacs, emacs doesnt
even see the directory that has been there forever.
I routinely open up this directory from my emacs for last several years.

OS: Since the updates to 32 were done, my system has frozen a couple
of times. The keyboard and mouse become extremely slow to respond.

Takes forever for every keystroke or a mouse movement to register.

I see a process owned by root taking 55% of the cpu. The process is
called kworkder/u32:2-events_unbound ??

What is this process and what could this be causing this process to peg the cpu??

So its definitely the 5.9.10-100.fc32_x86_64 kernel that causing a lot
of instability with my system. Had many system freezes and reboots,
all in one day.

Went back to 5.8.13-200.fc32 and system has been smooth again,
like it was before the system updates.
I really should delete the 5.9.10 kernel from the boot choices.