System unusable after f36 update (_raw_spin_lock_irqsave())

Hello everyone,

after the f35 to f36 update my Laptop is hardly usable.

ABRT counts more than 1000 errors for kernel-core 5.16.10-200.fc35 with _raw_spin_lock_irqsave() - interesting note here, even though ABRT is reporting kerel 5.16…fc35, this specific kernel doesn’t even exist on /boot anymore. I am running 5.18.5-200.fc36. I don’t know if that’s worth another ticket or not.

Anyway. The system randomly freezes, the cpu fan is spinning constantly, the load is somewhere in the 10th.

After a fresh start the system is unusable for about 10 minutes. After that, the errors are still popping up every few seconds but the load goes down but never to a idle state or at least stable state. I didn’t install anything other than there was on fc35.

The corresponding bugzilla ticket is #2023194, it also contains system information.

I am using fedora since version … 23? or smth and upgraded my old laptop to 34, without any problems. My new laptop (with the problems now) started of at fc35.

Any help welcome, Cheers