Dash Settings?

Where do I find settings for the icon bar at the bottom centre of the stock Fedora desktop which according to the Help app is called the Dash? I turned on auto-hide during the desktop tour (?) but don’t see where to undo that. Searching Settings for ‘dash’ turns up nothing.

It isn’t possible in stock GNOME, which is what Fedora uses. I believe other distros use an extension like Dash to Dock for a dash visible on the desktop.

Thanks for replying. There must be a setting somewhere because I clicked the option to turn on Auto-Hide. There was also an option for intelligent auto hide to only show the bar if it wouldn’t cover an application window.

Maybe that bar isn’t called the Dash anymore. Googling turns up nothing about it except an old Gnome wiki page and the Help app content looks a bit dated.

Do you mean the bar/dash/dock which displays a few selected application icons? In standard Gnome on Fedora Workstation, this is displayed only when you hit the super key/left top corner, together with the search, app chooser etc.

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I am on F39 and could not see this option in the app tour. If you have an older version just klick on activities and search for tour again to see if you find this option.

I seem to remember that this setting was for the Activities menu on the left side of the screen which was removed and replaced with the Dash at the bottom center of the screen with (I think) the release of gnome 40 (about the release of Fedora 34 if I remember correctly). If my recall is correct then that was more than 2 years back and it applied to gnome 3.8.

Thanks for everyone’s replies.

I was mistaken in thinking I saw this setting as part of the Tour but it’s around somewhere. I also recall the option to stretch the Dash out to the edges of the screen or leave it at the default narrow width. This was on a fresh install of Fedora 38 a week ago.

Anyway, I’ve installed the Dash to Panel extension and that’ll work fine.

Hello @andmalc ,
Maybe here … Set default favorite applications