"Configuration for Dash?"

“Where can I locate the settings for the icon bar located at the bottom center of the standard Fedora desktop, referred to as the ‘Dash’ in the Help app? I enabled the auto-hide feature during the desktop tour but am unable to find the option to disable it. I’ve tried searching ‘Settings’ for ‘dash,’ but it did not yield any results.”

Welcome to Fedora @zainki

I use the extension dash to dock . There is an option to undo this. With this extension you not have to click on Activities to see the dock.

There is a Gnome app called Extentions (you may have to install it first from Gnome Software).

Then, open it and it will list all your extensions. Click on the little cogwheel to open settings for “Dash to Dock” - there you can enable/disable the auto-hide feature.

Or, you can go to Installed Extensions - GNOME Shell Extensions and manage your extensions from there (requires a browser extension to be installed)

Your answer may actually be here: