Certain keys can't be typed

Hi all,

I’m in desperate need of some help.

I use a keyboard with the UK ISO Mac keyboard layout as I have been a Mac user most of my life. See the image.

Most of this works completely fine, except the “€” and the “#” keys. these SHOULD be typed with Option + 2 and Option + 3.

However, when issuing these keystrokes, the outcome varies from nothing at all, to changing tabs in browsers to switching windows, seemingly dependent on what window is currently in focus.

Whilst these are keyboard shortcuts in these programs, surely selecting the correct keyboard layout should overwrite these in order to type the characters?

I previously used Gnome, which processed these inputs correctly, however i now use KDE, which seems to process them differently.

Please could someone point me in the correct direction in order to fix this issue?


For anyone else looking, I was able to figure out the answer.

A setting in KDE system settings

Settings > Keyboard > Advanced Tab > Key to choose the 3rd level > left alt

This forces the desired behavior.