KDE + US keyboard + US, alt. intl. doesn' t work?

Hi all,
I am coming from another distro (ArchLinux) after almost 10 years and have successfully installed F36 KDE spin.

I have been using a 104 keys QWERTY US keyboard with with the “US, alt. intl.” layout variant for years, because while I need stuff like “{}`~” for coding I also need accented vowels for mother language communication.

That layout variant normally allows me to enter, say, “è” by typing first a “`” and then an “e”.
When I needed to just enter “`” I usually typed “`” and then SPACE.

I have tried to do the same in F36 but it seems not to work.
Not only those sequences simply don’t work ( I tried Konsole, Firefox and Libreoffice Writer), but now I cannot type any of those characters: " (double quote), ’ (single quote), ~ (tilde), ` (back-quote) and ^ (caret).

I suspect I am doing something wrong, but have no idea where my mistakes are.

Any hint?

As incredible this can seem, it is a showstopper for me.

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