Cannot install Gnome extensions from Firefox

I’m getting the following error on the site using Firefox:

Although GNOME Shell integration extension is running, native host connector is not detected. Refer documentation for instructions about installing connector.

I tried installing the chrome-gnome-shell package, but it was already installed. How to get the site to install and manage extensions on my system?

Please give us more infos. You have tags where you should be able to add while edit your topic.

I updated my original post and added tags. I’m new to Fedora (but an old time Linux user).

Are you using some sort of Firefox add-on that is blocking JavaScript (like NoScript)?
If so, disable it for

I’m not using any extensions that block javascript. I’m actually using the same profile I was using on Ubuntu before I switched to Fedora.

Are you running Firefox as flatpak? I can imagine that would cause issues with the connector.

I’m running the Firefox instance that came with Fedora.

I checke and it is not a flatpak installation. flatpak list does not include Firefox.

Is Gnome Shell-Integration listed and set active (Add-on manager in Firefox)?

The Gnome Shell integration add-on is listed as active. The error message is not about gnome shell integration addon, but about the “native host connector”. According to the documentation on Fedora you should install chrome-gnome-shell. This package is installed.

I installed Chromium and the website works without warning.

To clarify a misunderstanding here, chrome-gnome-shell is the browser extension (for Chrome/Chromium/Firefox/…) see link1, link2 below for more.

As for the issue, no idea. You could try a new (temporary) user account and/or a new (temporary) Firefox profile, but maybe others have better ideas on what could be wrong here. (btw, it’s working on my machine with Firefox).

link 1:
link 2:

So I tried opening the Firefox default profile and worked. So I switched back to my usual profile and, lo and behold, problem solved.

Don’t have a clue what happened.

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