Been trying different ways to install gnome extensions and none of them work

I have been trying to install gnome extensions on a fresh install of Fedora 36 on version 42.4 and I have tried doing the usual gnome website way and extensions manager way but they don’t appear in the Extensions app to enable

We need details please.
Have you installed the gnome-extensions-app package?
What extensions are you trying to install other than the default?
Where are you getting them from?
Details on the package names, where they are from, and exactly what messages you get when installing are required for us to be able to test your process and maybe see the same thing you are observing.

Please have a look to the Workaround, must have something to do with your problem.

It seems there is a fix. That link references installation of the gnome-browser-connector which is available by update and removes (obsoletes) the chrome-gnome-browser as the apparent cause of the problem.