Can't add extensions from anymore

For some weeks now, I’ve been unable to install or update extensions anymore using Google Chrome due to the following message that appears at the top of the extensions page which translates:

“Your computer’s native connector does not support the following APIs: v6. You may need to upgrade the connector or install plugins for the missing APIs. Please refer to the documentation for instructions.”

I checked the documentation at Projects/GnomeShellIntegration/Installation - GNOME Wiki! to make sure I had the latest Chrome extension which it is.

Using Gnome Web I also get a different error message:

“A copy of GNOME has not been detected on this system, so some parts of the interface may not be available. See the troubleshooting guide for more information.”

What gives?

Obviously we need more info.
What version of fedora?
What desktop? Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, or ?
Fully updated?
What version of chrome? and installed from where?

What extensions?
What extensions page?
Do you have the gnome-extensions-app installed?

Oh, right, I forgot to share that information:

What version of fedora?: 36

What desktop? Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, or ?: Latest Gnome stable.

Fully updated?: Yes.

What version of chrome?: 104.0.5112.81

and installed from where? From Google repository.

What extensions?: Any from the website.

What extensions page?:

Do you have the gnome-extensions-app installed?: I have the “Extensions” app installed but not the “Extension Manager”.

I had & continue to have this problem with any browser installed from outside the Fedora ecosystem; for example, both Brave Nightly and Firefox Nightly throw this error. So, I just keep the default installed Firefox there for this sole purpose.

Can you verify that the default, stock Firefox does install from

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Many see similar issues with software installed from a 3rd party site. All that is needed to verify that is read posts on this forum. I believe Fedora tries to keep things as close to the upstream source as possible, but sometimes there are tweaks required.

Versioning is often slightly lagging with packages from the fedora repo, but things are tested and verified to be stable before release.

I don’t use Firefox but I’m gonna have to install it again in order to check.

I installed Firefox and I’m getting the same message as in Chrome:

Edit …

There’s a gnome issue reported, Gnome Extensions complains about native host connector not supporting v6 API (#196) · Issues · Infrastructure / extensions-web · GitLab

  • This doesn’t cover not being able to install, just the warning. There is a report of a fedora user not being able to install extensions there.
  • The warning seems to be due to an updated version of chrome-gnome-shell, which has now been renamed to gnome-browser-connector.

There’s already a bug filed to update that, 2106868 – Project name and source repository changed to gnome-browser-connector

The gnome-web issue is documented here, Epiphany 3.30: GNOME extensions site cannot detect a running copy of GNOME (#538) · Issues · GNOME / Epiphany · GitLab

On firefox and chrome, I have the same error message, but I’m able to install extensions.
On firefox I only have bitwarden and u-block origin extensions.
Chrome was a clean install.
Firefox was fedora native, Chrome was the google repo.