Cannot install/update Gnome Extensions after upgrade

I should have backed up my home folder and performed a fresh install of Fedora 36. I know better than to do multiple release upgrades :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, I did what I did. Things seem to be going really well, except I can no longer install or update Gnome Shell extensions via the firefox extension any longer.

Gnome Tweaks also crashes.

The extensions that are leftover from F35 are still working.

The console on says Failed to get subsystem status for purpose Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.

Where’s a good place to start looking for the problem?

Try to install the extension app for Fedora 36 and remove all user installed extensions and not the F36 included extensions. Then you can start to reinstall your desired extension. Don’t recover it from a backup of an earlier version, that could mess up your system. I hope it will help you to get back into the “boots”.

Thanks for this. I deleted my extensions by removing .local/share/gnome-shell. Rebooted and re-installed gnome-extensions-app. Said extensions app does work, FYI, though it cannot discover, add or update anything.

I have used it to turn gnome shell extensions off for now. At least I won’t have to worry about old, deprecated code that I can’t update without doing so manually (ew).

When I freshly pave my hard drive, I will be selective with which configurations come with me, as I always am. It’s old kludge from configs across many system changes that has caused me headaches in the past.

I got it. I had some leftover packages and local python packages that were messing with gnome-tweaks. I removed them and the problem is now resolved.

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