How To Recover from Gnome Shell Crash?

Fresh install of Fedora 35.
I installed Material Shell to change the interface.
Installed some other extensions to try and remove title bars.
Get Error: Type name PrefsWidget is already registered instead of setting page.
try using tweaks to change title bar, the change flickers into being and disappears.
Lots of crashes to MSI logo
Now material Shell shows PrefsWidget error.
Every time I open a second firefox window it crashes back to MSI. What is that? A crash to bios?

And now everything gnome shell is off and wont turn back on and I am back on the default desktop.
I have uninstalled everything but material shell, even tweaks. I am just stuck in the default gnome.

Not sure what is going on here. Is gnome shell just crashing every time I login silently or has fedora detected it is unstable and stopped launching it?

When Gnome Shell crashes, it disables all extensions so that you can log in the next time in a clean UI. So you should just have to enable your extensions again.

If adding these has caused crashes, you should enable them one by one to see which causes a crash and then report the issue to the developers.

No, I can add and remove extensions, I can even edit the settings of the “built in” ones I still have installed. But cannot turn them on. The button/slider does nothing in the “extensions app” and in the browser it will click to on, but nothing happens, and a page refresh shows it back too off.

Do you mean extension app can’t turn on your extensions and you have set your extension app like on second picture

Your extension is outdated

you need to remove it from your system

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Haha, Yes. After playing around uninstalling and re installing stuff, I finally saw that on/off level on the top bar. So I assume it was working all this time, but extensions were turned off. The gui could probably use a warning splash, or the button could be red as I missed it for a long time before realizing that is what I needed to do. Also some notification when you try to enable extensions and they dont enable of what is going on.

But yes, all fixed now.

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