Reset Gnome Shell


i was on fedora 35 workstation. I had several extensions installed with no problems at all (e.g. removable drive menu). They all worked as intended.

After installing the dash-to-panel extension all extensions placing themselves in the top bar don’t work anymore even after removing dash-to-panel extension and switching back to the stock top bar.

Extensions using the system menu (e.g. gsconnect, sound output switcher) are still working fine.

I upgraded to fedora 36 beta hoping that would resolve the issue, but it didn’t.

Is there any way to hard reset gnome shell to clear out any potential problems dash-to-panel might have caused?

journalctl /usr/bin/gnome-shell doesn’t reveal anything useful to me. The only error i get is

JS ERROR: Invalid work id 3: Error: Invalid work id 3

But this error wasn’t present on fedora 35 and came with the update to fedora 36.

Edit: It doesn’t make any difference if i install the extensions through the fedora repos or extension manager.

Edit2: dconf reset -f /org/gnome/ didn’t do the trick…

Remember that there are potentially 2 different issues here.

  1. Fedora 36 is still in Beta and is using gnome 42. Extensions that work with fedora 35 (gnome 41) may not work in gnome 42
  2. Both those messages you show are using java script and things may be different in that aspect as well.

I cannot say exactly what your problem comes from, but it is likely that you need to give us more detail, such as exactly which extensions you have problems with and the status of your system so we have a base from which to work this problem.

There are two different ways to install extensions for Gnome: 1. The extension website or 2. Fedora Repositories.

On the website you can select the option “current version” then you see only the extension which works for this Gnome version.

In the Fedora Repositories you will find other Gnome extension, some may not working fine.

If an update for an extension is available you will receive a notification in the gnome message center (website version) and after the next login the extension is up-to-date. Works fine for me with Fedora 35 and Fedora 36.