Problem with GNOME extensions

I use fedora silverblue 36 I have a fail that makes that I can’t install GNOME extensions when I try to install GNOME extension doesn’t appear the window of install extension

I don’t know if you’re trying to layer them but I use the unofficial extension manager instead and it works great.

There was a problem with the GNOME Extensions website several hours ago… but it was fixed a few hours ago. It affected installing extension via the browser and also through the Extension Manager app.

It’s probably what @mester saw and was fixed before @nreynolds noticed it.

(I didn’t see the problem myself, but did see people mention it around the Internet.)

It looks like the issue was introduced in gnome-shell 42.3.1 and a fix was deployed on the website.

TL;DR: It was a bug, but it is now fixed.