Can we have rustdesk in fedora default repo

they already have .rpm but havibg it in default repo is good.

I don’t see a reason it couldn’t be added. It just needs a volunteer to do the work.


they already provide a rpm

It has to be rebuild in fedora build system with proper spec file and under fedora packaging rule we can’t just add that RPM directly into it. Everything in fedora has to be compile from source and need to be consistent.

Also I suggest you to contact fedora rust sig people they can help you better in this one since this is heavily rust based software.


can you suggest me where to contact.

Here is their link and infos : SIGs/Rust - Fedora Project Wiki

That would help you out. Also here is their matrix channel

i can give the instruction of build and clone that repo do i need o do any thing else or i have to build that my self??