Btrfs Assistant in the Fedora repositories?

Fedora has Btrfs as default filesystem since Fedora 33, as of today there are no GUI utilities for managing Btrfs, I found this application which seems well maintained but not present in the Fedora repositories.
I am reporting the existence of “btrfs-assistant” to the Fedora community, unfortunately at present I do not have the skills to create an “rpm” package :slightly_frowning_face:.


I don’t have any info about what it takes to get things added to the repositories but I wanted to stop in and note that I am glad that Fedora users are starting to find Btrfs Assistant.

If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.


The new package process is documented here: New Package Process for New Contributors :: Fedora Docs

A good first step would be to package it up in Copr

I’d love to see something like this as a Cockpit plugin – maybe a different front-end for this codebase, or maybe that’s a different project…


The project looks cool, I’ll look into it! :slightly_smiling_face:


I started the review process (bz ticket) :slightly_smiling_face: .

@emanuc If you would like to become a packager one day, you could do preliminary reviews, to get acquainted with the review process (that’s how I started :wink: )

More information: Joining the Package Maintainers :: Fedora Docs


Thank you :heart:

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btrfs-assistant is now in testing! f35 f36 It will be in stable repositories in a week, or when enough karma is given.

@dalto I will be the maintainer of the btrfs-assistant package in Fedora. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. If any fedora-specific issues arise you can always mention me on Gitlab! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great news! Thanks for doing this @principis


Thanks for packaging, looks useful!

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