Fedora 30 btrfs

When will be possible when I am installing Fedora to use LVM with Btrfs for root partition and Xfs for home partition.

@ivonenchev, as far as I understand it, using btrfs on an LVM volume is a bit… redundant?

I think, you’ll be better off using brtfs on a plain partition, and you can create “volumes” inside btrfs. That’s how I did it.

Also keep in mind that btrfs is still considered not quite stable enough, and you potentially can loose your data.

But I’ve used it (both for root and for my home) for several Fedora releases now, and, I guess, I’ve been lucky. ))

Fedora installer treats both btrfs and LVM as sort of containers, inside which you can create your volumes – and from what I know, I’d say that’s the right way to do it.

That said, I think, you can use btrfs volume on a btrfs partition as your /root, and xfs on an LVM volume for your /home.


@nightromantic, I agree that using lvm and btrfs is redundant. Both are volume managers.

But. I disagree that btrfs is unstable. I have been using it on my Arch Linux desktop system for well more than five years, and on my Fedora notebook system for almost three years. I have had no incidents that I would attribute to a btrfs fault. Some corporations are using btrfs for major systems; I believe Facebook is one of them.

To me, the two primary benefits of btrfs are its volume management capabilities and snapshots. These facilities make managing backups and drives a breeze.

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@blueshurricane4, I personally do agree with you, and choose to use it myself. But I know about possible troubles, and I make educated (well, more or less so) decision. And if I loose my data – I wouldn’t blame Fedora, person who advised me to use it, etc. – you get the idea. ))

So I think it’s prudent to warn users – especially if a new/unexperienced user can read these recommendations – about such possibility, and also I’ve seen something to this effect regarding btrfs on a couple of Fedora-related resources.

The status of Btrfs depends on the use case, so for some users it may be stable, but for others it may not.
Meanwhile Red Hat considers Btrfs deprecated, which is a bit concerning.