Fedora and btrfs

Hi, what is your experience with btrfs on Fedora? It’s better than xfs+lvm for workstation? Which one setup is more suitable for SSD disk?

I use btrfs with Fedora Workstation; it has been problem free for me. However, I have never used xfs nor lvm, so I cannot make a comparison.

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I also use BTRFS on Fedora Workstation (F31) with no problems and also never used XFS+LVM. Just used simple EXT4 or XFS before. There is a considerable performance hit using non RAID config, VMs and Data Bases. The DB and VMs problems seems to be resolved by disabling the COW feature on specific directories like /var. You’ll have to used to use its tools to even check the correct free space.
There are some features that are available by kernel, so some distributions won’t have them, or at least, will only have them later on.


Some Phoronix performance tests comparing file-systems on Linux (kernel) 5.5: