Fedora 33 snapshot management on Btrfs

I have followed all Fedora’s proposal on Btrfs by default, which is why I am following Fedora and evaluating it as my next default OS.
I have been using Ubuntu for many years with Btrfs as a filesystem, on anything: system SSD disk, data disk (gaming Steam and documents), USB backup disk without any problem, I enable zstd: 1 compression since it has support on Grub (2.04 ), previously I used LZO.
My advice is to evaluate Timeshift, I have been using it for many years, it is very simple, you can make manual or automated backups. To date, I can’t find it in Fedora repositories.
The problem with Timeshift is that it supports Ubuntu-style subvolumes: /@ and /@home, it doesn’t have support for Btrfs send, but it could be improved.
It is installed by default on Linux Mint.

One criticism that I noticed right away on Fedora, after years of Ubuntu, is the installer, it is not very intuitive, compared to that of Ubuntu which proceeds in steps.

Timeshift comes preinstalled and pre-configured on OpenSuse too. It really made the system stand out from other distributions.
In the end fedoras way of doing updates offline is so stable that i am ok as is. But it would be a real nice feature for /home . With a little improvement it could be as useful as the apple product (forgot the name)