Fedora 33 and Timeshift

Just installed fresh install of fedora 33 mate-compiz edition. Loving it as this is only distro spin off that has absolutely great integration of MATE and Compiz. I have tried so many distros with MATE DE, but was not able to get to the level of integration this Fedora 33 spin has.

I have been using Manjaro and Garuda (KDE edition) for long with Garuda having BTRFS and timeshift enabled out of the box.

However, i am having challenges with Fedora 33 for snapshots and recovery and was not able to make it work after reading several posts. I thought this would be enabled by default, but it seems not.

Wondering if there is effort underway in upcoming release for tight integration and working out of the box.

Meanwhile, is there step by step guideline on how to enable it? I see lot of posts mentioning renaming subvolume and etc, but i am hesitant to break the working system and not knowing how to restore it.


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Timeshift is oriented on Ubuntu/Debian standard BTRFS layout. On the website of timeshift there is an explanation of the supported file-systems and how it has to be. Snapper is OpenSuSe specific, maybe it works well with Fedora. I fear the only way under Fedora until now is a manual way, but there are some Fedora-magazine articles which could help you to do a smart snapshot. I am sure that some times cool tools for snap-shots will come with Fedora.

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Manual btrfs snapshots are easy, and they are what I use. You can incrementally send them to a backup drive for backup and history purposes.

I used Snapper on openSUSE, and it is also easy to set up and automate.

I am not personally familiar with Timeshift, but I assume it is similar to Snapper.

These things are not difficult and you can learn to manage them. You will then be better off than just having something that is push-button automatic.


I don’t use btrfs but Timeshift is not installed by default, and after installing it run the wizard and chose the btrfs option and follow the steps in the wizard.

I was able to follow the guideline provided at following link and was able to configure the snapshots using snapper


This video shows how to do it using the GUI Method.