"Timeshift" for Fedora 38?

I cant seem to find similar program on Fedora…as timeshift for ubuntu is for ext4 filesystem. Cause fedora use btrfs…and therefore i cant replicate image on my mechanical hard disc in case something goes wrong…Neither i see default app for that in fedora…yes you can install timeshift but it dosent work as it should…I need a gui based app what does exactly like timeshift…Does anyone knows if such app exists or what is best tool to do the exact same thing with btrfs file system?

Install btrfs-assistant. Actually much better overall, maintained, and the creator is active in all the communities it is packaged for.

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thank you so much for reply and help…ill try it right now

And install snapper and enable snapshots.

If I remember correctly it pulls those in as dependencies automatically. Just sudo dnf install btrfs-assistant . You would need to do the other stuff if you were building it from the gitlab repo. It is now in the main fedora repos.

Snapper isn’t a dependency, but it gets installed anyways (weak dependency) so you’re right.