Timeshift with support for fedora subvolumes

Hello everybody. Are there any plans to have pre-installed software on fedora that easily supports Btrfs snapshots? As of today with fedora 34 approaching, there is no pre-installed software that supports Btrfs snapshots, this is a shame for new users who cannot take advantage of the convenience of snapshots. Actually there is a ready-made software, and it is Timeshift, although it seems only in maintenance and only supports @ and @home subvolumes, but there is a fork/patch of Timeshift by a user on github to support the root and home that are created on fedora. Recently to test the upgrade from fedora 33 to fedora 34 and the new GNOME 40, I came very comfortable with Timeshift, one click and I restored the previous version of fedora (restored because GNOME 40 has many extensions not working), this it is also very convenient for those who want to do similar tests.
I hope it is useful and thanks to those who will take the time to answer :slight_smile:

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