Btrfs System Snapshots by default?

Being the leading Linux desktop, I’ve always found it weird that Fedora doesn’t use btrfs snapshots by default. Given the reputation of the Fedora Project for testing new technologies, not utilizing such features seems weird. OpenSUSE has been doing it for a while, and has been pretty good from what I saw. I wonder what would it take to make such a feature available for Fedora Workstation and potentially other spins in the future.

I would love system snapshots as I liked Silverblue a lot when I used it, but its way of doing things wasn’t good for me unfortunately.

Could we make such feature available by default in a future Fedora version? Or is it something more difficult I am not seeing?

I see that there was a discussion on this topic already:, I cannot do anything about this. Sorry for cluttering the feed.