Btrfs Coming to Fedora 33 - continuing the discussion

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Hello @cmurf,
I closed the topic about BTRFS coming to Fedora since the article is already published. There sure were a lot of comments on the first article.

Such article appeared:

I asked there how the subject would look, taking into account that Fedora’s future is for Silverblue and the principle of its renewal.
After all, the image of Silverblue is not divided and duplicated only during the update.

P.S. My question was not missed there.

Hello @mx1,
I don’t see Silverblue and BTRFS as mutually exclusive, in fact they would seem to be very compatible in use. For an example of one way of installing Silverblue, I have my system install on two SSD’s in a RAID1 configuration using BTRFS as the filesystem. My /home is on a separate drive (a spinning disk) as a separate subvolume so it can be snapshotted easily. I also have /var on the spinning disk, so the only mutable part of the SSD’s setup is the /etc dir which can’t be a subvolume on it’s own apparently.
[Edit] As an additional bit of information to share on the topic, I had setup my system originally with BTRFS on F33 Rawhide Silverblue, and to get to the point had a failure that was only recoverable by re-installing. I snapshotted my /var subvolume (I hadn’t made /home subvolume, and didn’t realize my error till then). I sent that snapshot to a new subvolume on the same disk. I did this all from the command line of the installer. Re-installed the F33 SB rawhide, and copied over my home dir. I was back up in no time with much less hassle than I have ever experienced in recovering with data intact.