Why does Silverblue automatically create a BTRFS subvolume in /home? Shouldn't it be /var/home?

Hello, good evening! I’m getting ready to install Silverblue and lately I’ve been testing a few things in VMs, including installing Silverblue without changing the defaults, to understand what the installer does on its own.

One of the tasks I’m thinking of creating is a slightly different partitioning scheme to the default one, especially with regard to the BTRFS subvolumes (just so I can name them “@”, “@home” and “@var”, no different from what the installer itself would do, only the names differ for pure personal taste. Another thing I considered was creating, instead of a single subvolume for @var, separate subvolumes in /var for logs, containers, and others. However, I gave up on the idea because I didn’t know exactly why a subvolume was chosen for the entire /var folder, rather than selected directories within /var, as is the case with Arch Linux and which I’ve been experimenting with recently, too. But anyway, back to my original question.)

However, I’m wondering something. The installer automatically creates a subvolume in /home. If I understand correctly, isn’t this a symlink to /var/home? Would the creation of a snapshot in @home, in this scenario where is mounted at /home instead /var/home, proceed normally or would it create an empty snapshot?

Fedora is using a flat subvolume layout. All the subvolumes are inside the root of the partition.

The home subvolume is mounted at /var/home

/home is a symlink to /var/home

Btrfs uses the path you specify to find the subvolume. It will behave exactly the same if you snapshot /home or /var/home

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Got it! Thank you.

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