Btrfs by default

It’s still not editable for me.

@cmurf @jakfrost I think I fixed this problem. The article being in draft, IIRC, has less to do with it than the user account having at least “Author” level access. (“Contributor” is not sufficient.) I changed that for Chris and hopefully editing should work now.


Thank you Paul. Sorry Chris.

Nope, still can’t edit. Logged out, logged back in.

Hello @cmurf,
I switched it back to draft. Try it now.

OK looks like it’s editable now, thanks!

OK I’m all done now!

Sorry, one more fix needed. “Data” should not be capitalized following the colon.

Btrfs is a stable and mature file system with modern features: Ddata integrity, optimizations for SSDs, compression, cheap writable snapshots, multiple device support, and more.

Okay, fixed and scheduled.

When we’re down to fixing capitalization after colons, good sign it’s probably done, and time to take a few steps back! Thanks for the help and have a good weekend!

You’re welcome, I think the article is a good start.

I’m trying to help out with a few comment approvals as they stack up, but when I click on the approval link in the email notification, I get “Sorry, you are not allowed to edit comments on this post.”

What do you think of closing the article to comments at this point? It’s getting a bit long in the tooth, and questions are getting increasingly esoteric. If appropriate, maybe create a discussion thread in one of the fpo forums, and add a final comment directing readers there?

Agreed, and I closed those comments today. Do we expect someone to be monitoring and answering such a thread on fpo forums? If so, where?

I’m set to get notifications for the ‘btrfs’ tag in discussion.fpo. But ask.fpo doesn’t have such a tag. Once there is one, I can be notifed of those messages as well.

OK, if you post somewhere appropriate in discussion.fpo, just reply with a link here, and I can leave that pointer message in the comment thread on Magazine.

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