Aside from the installer, does Fedora offer any GUI for managing the Btrfs filesystem?

Starting from Fedora 33, the installer supports Btrfs. Is there any graphical interface for instance for managing the snapshot feature, formatting (external) drives or transparent compression?

Also does Fedora plan to make these integral OS features (especially the snapshots and Btrfs’ safeguards against data-corruption) more accessible to end-users?


I believe you are looking for blivet-gui:

If I remember correctly, blivet is the library that the installer (Anaconda) also uses.

As btrfs gets adopted more and more the tools around it will improve. Making it default in Fedora is an attempt to stimulate its adoption and development too.


Blivet-gui can create new btrfs partitions and subvolumes.

I also want to know any Fedora tools that can do snapshots management.

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There still doesn’t appear to be any graphical interface?

I’ve avoided formatting anything but the system partition in brtfs, I’ve used the more standardized ext4 for all other drives since btrfs is not an option in the Gnome Disks app. I’m not quite comfortable with handling block device data on the command-line, assuming that destructive operations are more likely to occur. I’d like to move entirely to btrfs, especially since hard links can’t cross filesystems.

I’ll take a look at blivet-gui, I may have been under the impression that buttermanager is the only of its kin (the version packaged for Fedora has had reported issues with starting).

So there is gnome disks which is shipped with Fedora Workstation and is in utilities, which can do pretty much anything blivetGui can, and make images of your partitions too, if you like.
As for filesystem tooling, the btrfs command line tool is pretty comprehensive and can be used for what you are asking.
There are packaged apps like snapper that may be what you’re looking for WRT snapshots and managing them. It is available via the Fedora repo …

[jakfrost ~]$ dnf search snapper
Not root, Subscription Management repositories not updated
Last metadata expiration check: 2 days, 0:20:45 ago on Thu 28 Sep 2023 07:04:11 AM.
======================================================================================== Name Exactly Matched: snapper =========================================================================================
snapper.x86_64 : Tool for filesystem snapshot management

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Dalto’s BtrFS Assistant

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Luckily Fedora does the snapshotting itself on updates, at least on atomic. I think on the traditional versions its just the kernel??

This tooling needs to be implemented in Nautilus and Dolphin. The problem is with Debian, Ubuntu and more still using EXT4, Filemanagers can’t focus on these modern filesystems only. (If you ask me).

There are also competitors like bcachefs, zfs and more, which is not really helping.

Btrfs can do so much more, for example there is no GUI for btrbk which would allow so much better backups onto external drives.

Aaaaand just found out about btrfs-assistant which is well maintained and in the Fedora repos since over a year!

It would be great to add this to documentation, preinstall it or whatever it takes.


Also Gnome’s graphical Gparted can be used for formatting in btrfs. Note that it’s recommended to read the manual in order to understand the meaning of all the fields, but the defaults should suffice for a drive.

I am using this tutorial for snapper pre and post monitoring dnf activity, but the grub-btrfs is not showing the snapshot submenu in the Grub menu. Once that is working, I think this may be your solution so its almost like Silverblue rollback.

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Cool! Then just the “reset” feature is missing, which is also crucial.

<I switched back to Silverblue. No more issues.