Aside from the installer, does Fedora offer any GUI for managing the Btrfs filesystem?

Starting from Fedora 33, the installer supports Btrfs. Is there any graphical interface for instance for managing the snapshot feature, formatting (external) drives or transparent compression?

Also does Fedora plan to make these integral OS features (especially the snapshots and Btrfs’ safeguards against data-corruption) more accessible to end-users?


I believe you are looking for blivet-gui:

If I remember correctly, blivet is the library that the installer (Anaconda) also uses.

As btrfs gets adopted more and more the tools around it will improve. Making it default in Fedora is an attempt to stimulate its adoption and development too.


Blivet-gui can create new btrfs partitions and subvolumes.

I also want to know any Fedora tools that can do snapshots management.