Has anyone used Btrfs Assistant before?

Just came across Btrfs Assistant today.
Also found a prior discussion on it.

I’ve been looking for a fuss free GUI way to utilise Btrfs snapshots in my workflow, so definitely interested in what this rpm can do. However, because it naturally will have full access to all my data and would need to be robust and reliable to be of use, I’m asking if anyone else has used this before.

There’s only 1 review and 4 ratings in Discover :sweat_smile:. The Gitlab repo seems active so that’s good. Would be keen to get more reviews and thoughts from the community. Thank you!

I am obviously fairly biased and shouldn’t share my opinion but I would be glad to answer any specific questions if there is any additional information you would like to know.


Out of curiosity, I just installed this and as a byproduct learned that I’m supposed to btrfs scrub around once a month! Thanks for teaching me something I should have known, @dalto ! :sweat_smile:

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Scrubbing your disks is a good idea regardless of filesystem because it forces the disk controller to read and correct/relocate/rewrite data that has soft errors (aka bit rotting).

It is built into various things (ex MD RAID: echo check > /sys/block/mdX/md/sync_action), but can be simulated to a certain extend with just a dd if=/dev/XXXX of=/dev/null bs=1M and watching the SMART data. Which should also be done with btrfs scrubbing because media issues may not be detected by a high level filesystem scrub until something actually fails.

Assuming that smartd is running on the machine: journalctl -u smartd|grep "SMART Usage" should report any attribute changes.

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