Teamviewer alternative opensource

can anyone suggest me a good teamviewer alternative.
love to see opensource options
i find one
GitHub - rustdesk/rustdesk: Virtual / remote desktop infrastructure for everyone! Open source TeamViewer / Citrix alternative.


I like using AnyDesk instead of TeamViewer :slight_smile:


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VNC is a another very popular option.


@vwbusguy true +1

does anydesk opensource?
does not seems like.

vnc is not plug and play need to setup. still you recommend anthing real and tiger is one of the popular one.

GNOME has a builtin remote desktop server/client. It’s not great to open it up over the Internet of course, but gets the job done.

Well, IMO AnyDesk is a good solution.
But it depends if u want GUI or terminal.
Tiger is as well a solution.

IMO sometimes comprises has to be done. :slight_smile: