What is a good remote desktop/supprt tool for fedora

Hi, I want to get my cousin into using Linux, so I installed Fedora on his new computer for him. He does not know much about computers so I will need to help him and teach him how to use Linux.

I need a way of being able to remote connect to his computer to do things for him, but because of his ISP they like to lock down their routers so users can’t edit anything on them, and as a result I don’t think I could open a port on the firewall to allow for SSH or VNC/RDP so I need a way to connect to his computer without needing to configure the gateway firewall like you can do with anydesk.

The problem with anydesk is it looks like they don’t support Fedora 36. Is there anything like anydesk that I can use or can anydesk still be installed on fedora 36?

If I could, I would create a VPN on my router and have him connect to that for my to connect to his computer, but my router does not support creating a VPN.

I installed it with flatpack. On Fedora Workstation F36.
If you have problems to use it you might try with gnome x11.