Should we implement hardened memory allocator

should we implement this in fedora it will increase security…


First steps would be to package it and discuss it on the Fedora devel mailing list.

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how to do that.
i think it should be implemented graphene os develops a aosp android with hardened security and extremely populer and can be ported to linux. as per them. so can we start a discussion about.
i think implementation will increase the security and privacy.

Concerning Packaging: New Package Process for New Contributors :: Fedora Docs (yes, I stole the link from @bcotton 's post :stuck_out_tongue: )

Concerning the devel mailing list: Info | - Fedora mailing-lists
→ Note the summary of the devel mailing list page!

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There is a RPM and even a repo for that, ity called HardHatOs

Github and COPR existing, so you can already install and try it

There is a COPR with recent packages, the Kernel being even newer than Fedoras default one.