[Book] Open Writing On Fedora

Hello to all.

After a few years I still find myself talking (and writing) about “open writing on fedora”, a manual focused on the installation of Fedora and the use of open source applications dedicated to writing (creative or technical) and that maybe someone will remember or will have read in version 25.
I had published it in 2017 along with the release of Fedora 25 and I must say that it was quite appreciated ^__^.

Now I am continuing the same project by changing it from ‘personal’ to ‘collaborative’.

In what way?

First of all, I uploaded all the material already written in version 25 to Codeberg, here: https://codeberg.org/yattatux/oWoF

then, from this public repository, I have already started collecting ideas and tools through issues to update and (most importantly) try to keep up-to-date this nice little book that in my opinion is one of the many examples of how it is possible to collect tutorials on a given topic - in this case writing - and keep it up-to-date in a single and excellent ‘binder’ like a book.
Unlike its predecessor, there will be no paper edition, only electronic (PDF or HTML depending on taste) and, more importantly, the search for experiences and collaborations from as many sources as possible.

In other words, anyone who would like to can lend a hand according to time and their own possibilities/experience with different software or writing modes (even those who maintain a blog can be considered authors), in the Codeberg repo under the section “Contribute” are indicated all the ways in which it is possible to collaborate (open issues, write in AsciiDoc syntax, etc.).

For those who have questions I am here. Or via email to:
yattatux [at] posteo [dot] net

Have a great day.


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