Fedora + Sourcegraph Marketing/Community Collaboration

I’m the Community Advocate at Sourcegraph. After Matthew expressed his wish to make Fedora repositories searchable, we joined forces and made it a reality for 34.5k repos! I’m sure this will expand in the near future :smile:.
We published a blog post where we highlight this effort and how it aligns with our goal to make open source code more accessible no matter where it’s hosted.

Now that the first phase is completed, our community team would love to collaborate with your community and marketing team to spread the word so more people can become aware and enjoy easier access to Fedora code. We were thinking something along the lines of blog posts, twitch streams, how-to guides, etc.

How can we start collaborating?

Looking forward to what’s next!


Hi Vanesa,

These are great news! Awesome and thanks to you and your team for your efforts. Right now, the Marketing is restarting their duties and we are still re-grouping our people.

What I suggest is that @mattdm tweet about, followed by a re-twit from the Fedora Project twitter account and a blog post in the Fedora Magazine. That blog post could be both an announcement and a how-to guide for accessing the code from Sourcegraph.



I agree with @x3mboy and I think you should propose a Fedora Magazine article. The process is quite straightforward and you can see existing proposals as well as read an entire guide on the process from start to finish.

I would ask you to provide some minor tutorials on how to find certain popular things. Right now, I’m looking for some popular search terms like ‘doom’ and ‘cowsay’ and I must say that it’s an overwhelming amount of data just thrown at the user. Some nice tutorials will help promote the tool, and it will tell people about what they might gain from it.

Thanks for sharing, and I’ll certainly bookmark it


Hi all!
Thank you for the proposals! Sorry about getting back to you so late: I needed to take a break due to Covid :sweat_smile: .
I have a new teammate, @jdorfman , who will now be working on this collaboration! I’ll let him take over from here.
Looking forward to all the cool content that will emerge from this.


Thanks Venesa!

Hey @x3mboy & @eonfge,

I am digesting everything you sent over and will be in touch once we have a proposal ready to go.

Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. We are very excited about this partnership and how it will help the Fedora community. :tada:

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Hey Kevin, I’m writing a proposal and was hoping you wouldn’t mind giving some more context on your search terms e.g. “I’m trying to find how many repos mention cowsay in their README.md”

I do agree the data can be overwhelming which is why I think it is important to give the reader clear demo search queries.

Image 2022-02-24 at 7.51.40 PM

@jdorfman Hey,

Some things that I tried to do

  • Find certain terms in certain versions:
    find ‘cowsay’ in all .spec files in Fedora 35 only

  • Find certain terms only as a dependency:
    find ‘cowsay’ in all .spec files where prefixed with ‘dependency’

  • Find certain terms only by repository name:
    find ‘doom’ in all cases where the repository has doom in the name

The last one came to mind because ‘doom’ is quite a popular term, but not all repositories that mention ‘doom’ have anything to do with the classic game.

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@eonfge this is great, thank you!

Quick update: the article is now in WordPress waiting for review. :tada:


Thanks! Any plans for pagure.io support too?

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Is this something we’d like featured on the new Fedora website somehow?

That’s up to you, but I’d like if it is mentioned. Just the other day I wanted to search through the pagure.io forge for something I don’t remember about. I used Sourcegraph but it didn’t work because, I presume, Sourcegraph doesn’t support pagure.io yet.

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Funny that was on my to-do list. =) I was at PyCon talking to @spot and he said Pagure would be good but not every repo since a lot of them are just tests.

Would you and/or the team be able to confirm this? If that is the case a list of repos that should be indexed would be great!

We would love to be involved with this in any way we can. We love the Fedora community and hope we can continue collaborating.

Also, we are expanding our offerings outside of just code search. This is new feature is called Code Insights. As of now, it isn’t available via our Cloud (you need to install it locally). If there are some insights you would like to see LMK and I will try my best to produce them.

Below is something I created at PyCon to show @spot. Would love to get your feedback.