Backup via secondary machine Deskmini X300

I have a laptop Dell Latitude 3500 2-in-1 - and a Deskmini X300, with AMD Athlon 3000 with 16Gb ram. I have already a fedora workstation that followed all the upgrades without hiccups. What I would like to achieve that to have an backup software that time-to-time saves my stuff as the laptop comes back. Also I would like to remove the second/third temporary monitor that runs from the Deskmini X300 VGA (sadly the HDMI doesn’t work somehow, checked twice), and replace with KVM switch if this machine needs maitenance. I don’t have KVM experience, but I think would be fine experience to have a cheap KVM that has only 2-4 USB, one VGA, and one HDMI at least. I am not sure… What should I do?