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Well making this off topic since not fully Linux/Fedora related, but setting my new Workflow and Setup as for now Running Windows and Fedora sametime on same screen when needed. Main Focus for this setup was to get better Graphics and Rendering support with stabbility on softwares i use and Linux runs Development enviroment as coding and Developing.

What i run on laptop is main OS is W11 PRO and there i Run optimized (ish) Hyper-V setup to power Fedora 38 Workstation ( need still learn and tweak some virtualization settings, but it is fas and snappy smooth and installation was pretty easy when learned basic settings to setup VM and done.

anyone else using similar setups and thoughts about it?

Got bored and decided to switch setups windows as guest and Linux as host and same time second laptop debian bookworm

Today I finally got everything set as I wanted

Windows 11 pro on host, Fedora 38 workstation running side same time with all guest agents and scalings working so window size resize fedora resolution to match always on the windows size

Second laptop experiment stuff going on dualBoot stuff with upgrade w10 pro to w11 pro on fedora 38

Thanks for sharing your setup. I am just wondering why you reverted to a setup with Windows as the host OS and Fedora as the guest OS in the end. Were particular things not working out for you running Fedora? Especially as you seemed to switch rather quickly. Thanks!

mostly switched to windows as host to get better graphics demand softwares to work better like davinci resolve, adobe photoshop and lightroom i just missed those and love to use those. My system works on Fedora OK, but small quirks just started to annoy me and battery life on road is better on Windows since i am on Dell XPS optimus system that has own issues on Linux too.

i was on of Fedora user year and teted difrent setups and always when i feel this is it my laptop gives me fingers and something happends and my main goal was always to go setup that i can do all side by side without dual booting and this setup is now the one i use since it just feeld spot on everyhting works.

there is nothing bad about fedora i still use it on VM and other laptop on dual boot it was just the feeling that i need to go and test and setup and if it gives me that home happyu feeling it is then that what i use

Got it! Good that you’ve found a setup that works for you. I personally run Fedora as a main and have a VM for Windows 11, but that one is so sluggish I barely use it.

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