Fedora & Frame.work laptops

Hello, Fedora rockstars!

I just wanted to swing by and really post my appreciation for the Fedora team and their supporting of Frame.work hardware.

I’m an Ubuntu guy - for no particular reason, other than its what I learned when I came over to Linux some 5 years ago… but it even gave me troubles when switching to this new Frame.work laptop hardware… so, I gave Fedora a spin since the team created a respin with kernal extras and support that Frame.work needed. [kernel, fingerprint updates, wifi, etc]

It’s been really awesome! I have decided to remain on Fedora, and REALLY like it and GNOME. Who would have known?!? I do wanna post that MANY of us Frame.work owners are using Fedora - and we’re excited about Fedora 35 supporting the hardware even more. I hope that ya’ll continue to cook in support for this really nice hardware; if Frame.work can make it, I think they are creating hardware that can be repaired in a way that Linux users will appreciate and put to good use.

Thank you for the support you’ve already cooked in - and please continue to support the Frame.work. If you do, I can see myself installing Fedora on other production machines that I have running under my small umbrella of hardware.

Thank you!

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Hello @paulie420 ,
The Framework Laptop looks pretty cool, do you know if they are looking at an AMD version or maybe a PowerPC version?

Probably not Power, but ARM would be interesting.

Hi Matthew,
You are quite right. A RiscV version would be great.

On a RiscV server note, have you seen Solid Run’s 1U server offering based on the Honeycomb LX2 (I think two boards in the chassis)?

Pretty exciting stuff!


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I haven’t — but I’ll take a look!

Yeah, they even list Fedora as one of the three tested distributions.


So I know they are talking about ARM versions - and AMD. I think that will be a little far off, tho - I hope that they create support for this first Frame.work by having a store up soon, and I’d bet that they try hard to get AMD… but that can be a tough [and expensive] sell, too.

TBH, this Frame.work laptop kinda brought me over to Fedora… but I’m glad that I found it. I’m really enjoying the software. GNOME is nice; and while I used to think it was cool to modify KDE to the max, its kinda nice not having to doso.

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