State of the art of Fedora ARM?

Hello, I would like to know if there are projections to support the ARM architecture in Silverblue. Fedora distributes some images and support is limited, however, for me, Silverblue is equal to a curated version of Fedora Workstation and as such, it must anticipate some market movements where it may be relevant.

Beyond the commented Tweet by Peter Robinson, ARM announced in 2018 that its processors would compete in performance with those of Intel in 2020, added to the released of laptops with snapdragon, actual chromebooks and rumors that Apple would leave Intel for ARM (yes, it’s a rumor but very likely).

I just think that Silverblue is the future of the fedora desktop edition and while that happens, ARM (aarch64) will be an important player, that’s where gnu/linux can be really relevant to the desktop.


I don’t know what the plans are, but I agree with your suggestion. I think it is already validated in that Fedora pushed it’s offerings for the ARM hardware pretty extensively for the past number of releases, not to mention the IoT variant currently available. The ARM hardware offers better performance year over year and is ubiquitous due to it’s price point to performance ratio. Environmentally speaking, I don’t think their manufacturing processes are any less harmful than other IC’s being made, but they definitely consume less power than their comparable X86 counterparts while in use.

I think the same, I have a lenovo “Miix” and I would like to be able to use a fedora. Silverblue seems to me a very exciting project, but GNOME seems to be a heavy DE for that type of hardware (maybe I’m wrong). Anyway ARM will be important in convertible PCs and it will be a fact.

Where can I see that info?

I’ll do a bit of digging, but generally the magazine published quite a bit of articles going back I think into 2016 ish maybe. As well as on the Fedora community site maybe from the same time frame. To me anyway, at the time there seemed to be a push to have an official ARM offering as the future of the distro. I guess it may have been from the greater community, but my impression was it was very much inline with Fedora’s future goals. So today, for the workstation and server you can get ARM spins here which seems pretty official to me. What I don’t see is either Atomic Host or Silverblue for ARM there.

By default, only the armhfp version is downloaded.
In the fedora wiki architecture section, ARM appears as a primary architecture, but I guess it is focused on IoT and servers. I tried to open the page dedicated to aarch64, but I could not (maybe a temporary error).

I imagine that today there is no generic image of ARM that works in the same way as the x86-64 image for X reasons. On the other hand, I do not know the support status of (for example) Flathub for ARM, etc. It would be interesting that a developer who has that knowledge will help us better understand the current situation.

I remember that System76 and Purism mentioned the possibility of creating alternatives with the ARM architecture to their current products and Endless OS using OSTree, they sell products with that architecture, but I did not find available OS images to download.

So nothing at this location?
I have run the Raspberry Pi one and an aarch64 on a VM.

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Try here

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related: PR#726: Instruct pungi to build Fedora Silverblue for ppc64le and aarch64 - pungi-fedora -


Also curious about this as the 24-core ARM Qingyun W510 will likely be released soon, and I would ideally set that up with Fedora. Is the out-of-the-box experience likely to be comparable to other new x86_64 hardware, or will it be pretty difficult to get things running?

Looks like this did come true! With NVidia’s ARM acquisition though, I hope RISC-V can gain more momentum


On my MBPro M1, I’m able to run aarch64 VM with Fedora Silverblue (installed with official aarch64 Silverblue image). Toolbox works. Libreoffice, GIMP or VLC installed from Flathub works.

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Apparently there’s the Qingyun L410 coming soon too

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Launch appears imminent!

Hah, you heard it here first folks!