Best up to date laptop for Fedora 35

Does anyone have a link for a list of best Labtops up to date on the market for Fedora 35 and applications.

Desk top would also have interest

Lenovo sells laptops with Fedora pre-installed.


Guess this is what you refer to:


Yes, indeed.

I don’t think that there is a comprehensive list of hardware that works with Fedora but buying a machine that is designed with Fedora in mind should be highly compatible.

That being said, I have run Fedora on many laptops that weren’t designed for it without issue.


Is there really more than 4 month delivery time or do I read it wrong ?


There is serious disruption to the global supply chain at the moment. You could see if other models can be had quickly or see if there are any prebuilt units in the channel.

I would also welcome a list with Hardware where should be avoid. I see so many problems with NVIDIA here in the forum.
Would might be easier talk about this. So to choose a new one would make it much easier. Hardware who has good opensource drivers.


I tend to go with with refurbs from ebay, not had any major issues. I like the x1 carbons myself, gen3 and upwards are good. Currently typing this on a gen5 refurb and it is and has been great.

Thanks Tom.


Oh no. The Taiwan threat of invasion. Heard rumours that the Playstation 5 also were delayed 5 month for it’s aniversery. So I guess prices on the second hand market rises.

Or is there any alternatives. Perhaps buy from local stores inside your country.The 2020 models which were delay because of the Pandemic. Much still be reasonable.

Stay with your old hardware as log as you can, we hope the market will get some positive Improovements soon.

Problem is that there a lot of custom on US hardware shipped to EU ( Denmark)

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I stayed with this ASUS G75VW Intel Core i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz × 8 , 16 GB for more than 10 years. It is still an old good working horse. It does run nicely with Fedora 34. But I can NOT use Blender as the Graphic card is outdated as also shows in glittering display. I replaced the HDD with an Samsung SSD but the fans stills are noisy as an propeller warplane. I know it is enough in the moment for learning Fedora linux and Internet security. But as I use a lot time in front of it by reading. I need to listening to music(which actually isn’t so bad) while studying to overcome the noise

What about creating a boot on a Mac book pro 2013. As a Windows boot. When there is an Intel processor inside should it then be possible ?

I’m not looking for the state of the art. I sometimes find hardware in the dump which can be usefull. But selten becourse people are aware of reselling it. So it is mostly very damaged or old hardware.

My daugther called me today and complaining that she needs a computer for school and for editing videos. She wished a macbook but it is way to costly for me and her. She is only 13 years old and I told her about the Fedora Linux would run on machine which where as nice designed as a macbook but for the the tenth of the price ( A Zenbook I thought about). And I want her to learn linux in a young age wish she would get into it somehow. Choosing the right path. Not the commercial one which slaves you in depths to your user habits on a certain market platform.

You can get older Macbooks working, but wifi firmware is a problem. I think we have some posts around here somewhere with some solutions.

In general, yeah, Nvidia is the main complication, because while there is an open source driver for many of their cards, it is reverse-engineered via basically guesswork. AMD and Intel actually contribute to the open source drivers, and in fact open source drivers for those are preferred.

The other major area of complication is wifi firmware. Generally, this isn’t open source in any case (it’s hard for regulatory reasons), but some firmware is freely redistributable and we allow that in Fedora Linux. But we can’t include that which we cannot legally distribute, which leaves users unfortunately on their own in some cases.

The ThinkPad laptops sold with Fedora Workstation (right now, just that backordered X1 Carbon, unfortunately) are ones where Lenovo has selected components for which there are open source drivers and available firmware. Most other Lenovo Thinkpad configuration should also be fine, but there can be complications if you go into other Lenovo lines.

Another great option is the Framework Laptop — it’s not a budget model, but is designed to be long-term sustainable in a way that mainstream laptops are not.

For the budget approach, you might check out the ARM-based Pinebook Pro. This doesn’t ship with Fedora Linux out of the box (and in fact at the moment requires a little tweaking to work), but we’re working on it.

And, of course, there’s our friends over at System76. They sell computers with their own Ubuntu-derived “Pop!_OS”, but Fedora Linux should work beautifully on most of their models. (Again with the Nvidia caveat.)

If you do buy a System76 system and put Fedora Linux on it, doesn’t hurt to tell them that that’s your preference. :classic_smiley:


I think the best laptop you can try is the framework laptop without windows just buy the coustom one and flash fedora this is the best one in my opinion but 1month ago i bought a laptop with amd cpu which was also good but windows was preinstalled but i remove it…
And one of my friend have a mac book and installed linux but i don’t know you can do that with new m1 if yes then it is a nice option also.

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It is a Mac book pro late 2013 with i7, 8 GB. I haven’t found any dual booting it. But I remember at that time when I received it at around 2014. It was a possible to dua boot. I will make a new topic of that in here.

Thank you for the very inspirering answere. You lead me direct to the good source of hardware hacking build for Open sourced users. I really preciate it and will save it in my bookmarks for later when I have the savings to such a wonderfull machine

The Pinebook is a good way to learn and I love the idea but I am not skilled enough I guess to build and install. But I want to learn it. I know the level of hacking hardware together by building her own Labtop and installing software on it. Is to difficult for my daughter even I really hope she will get caught by the Open source idealism.

The only problem is that the keyboard is an US or UK. I need a DK (Danish) As it is a very small country it is selten and often come in combination of other Scandinavien keyboard layouts.

Any way my search must go on.

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I will go deeper reading into the Framwork

Thank you for replying Martin

I will for now as I haven’t really other options than saving some money (wished I knew Bit coins) for buying new hardware. I raised a new topic

The only choice in the moment to rid of a noisy fan by the Asus machine I using could be starting another topic about Fan control. I know there is a app for iMac where you can raise or lower the cycles. But very important is not to overheat and burn the processor.

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